Molecular Biology

Lab for ancient DNA research (aDNA) at the ZEM, UZH.

What is molecular biology and how is it used in mummy studies?

Molecular biology techniques are used to sequence the order of the nucleic acid base pairs within a cell, thus to read out the genetic code. In molecular biology one analyses specifically DNA, RNA, proteins, whole genes and their specific functions.


A choice of scientific articles based on current research done at the ZEM on ancient mummies.:

  • Haak W., Gruber P., Rühli F.J., Böni T., Frauendorf E., Ulrich-Bochsler S., Burger J., Alt K. W.: Molecular evidence in palaeopathology: First detection of HLA-B*27 in a late medieval case of suggested ankylosing spondylitis. Arthritis Rheum, 52: 3318-3319, 2005.
  • “DNA-Analysis of Late Medieval Mummies”. Discovery Channel, USA, 2010.
  • „KING TUT’S FINAL SECRETS“. National Geographic USA, 2005.