Man, Medicine, Magic: Exhibition Topics

This exhibition will offer insight into the fascinating death cult in ancient Egypt and discuss different methods of mummification that exist besides the Egyptian mummification that is part of a religious ritual (i.e. natural mummification through air, ice etc.).

Various scientific techniques used in today’s mummy research such as virtual X-ray imaging and ancient DNA analysis will also be presented. These techniques are crucial in modern mummy research and enable disease diagnosis pathogen determination and investigation of death causes. In addition, they deliver insight into nutritional habits and provide knowledge of the human genetic code.

A close look into a highly specialized ancient DNA lab for mummy research will be possible and computertomographic images of ancient mummified bodies rendered in 3D can be viewed.

An important aim of the exhibition is to show why this new knowledge matters and what it could mean for our future and medical progress of generations to come.

Welcome to the exciting world of the mummies and the field of mummy research!